About me

I’m a PhD student at the department of Cognitive Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,  as a training  computational neuroscientist. My work focuses on modeling the visual system in the broad sense, which includes visual attention, the oculomotor system and interaction with short- and long-term memory representations.

Recent and ongoing projects include:
A model of the oculomotor system that explains saccade deviations both away and towards irrelevant distractors.
Uncovering the mechanisms that establish Intertrial priming of pop-out, at both feature- and object level.
Describing how synaptic interactions could explain the behavior of novelty detector neurons in the hippocampus.
Finding the (reasons for the) commonalities between attentional blink and inhibition of return.

However, my interests also include:
The  pros and cons of different approaches to modeling: largely descriptive but powerful bayesian models versus often limited but detailed neural network models.

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